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Tired of Making Copies the Old Way?

A course management system is a great tool for delivering online course material to students. You can easily manage your content, assignments, grades, and quizzes with virtually no paper copies! You can also take advantage of online discussion groups, chat, and file sharing to make communication more efficient and increase class productivity.

The course management system handles the majority of the design and programming, allowing you to focus on course development. You still have design choices, but the hard stuff is done for you. Students benefit by being in closer contact with their professors, having the ability to submit homework online, and having access to the assignments, syllabus, and materials 24/7. Group projects are infinitely easier now that you don't have to meet somewhere. Travel time and scheduling conflicts are eliminated when you use the group discussion tool to do the majority of the project development.

We hope you enjoy using the course management system here at Eastern and should you need help please use our Support Form. Before you do, please attempt to use the information on this site. You will find that the most common problems are addressed here.